Curriculum / Course Structure

The Simon Black Academy provides you with the opportunity to gain your university qualification while immersing yourself in an elite academy environment.

The Academy is unique because it offers student-athletes the opportunity to play and train in an elite environment while completing their university qualification through our education provider Torrens University Australia.

As an Academy athlete you will gain the skills and knowledge to develop a career in the dynamic business of professional sport.

Year 1 – Diploma of Sports Development (Elite)

In the first year of the Simon Black Academy, students will study a Diploma of Sports Development (Elite).

This course is ideal for the anyone who wishes to develop the qualifications and training required to achieve their sporting career goals. The year 1 Diploma of Sports Development (Elite) offering provides the base for developing your career in the sports industry.

Year 2 & 3 – Bachelor of Business (Sports Management)

Upon successful completion of the Diploma of Sports Development (Elite) you will have the opportunity to complete your university qualification – Bachelor of Business (Sports Management) with advanced standing.

The university qualification offering sets us apart from other Academies and gives our students the foundation to succeed outside of football. The study component of the Academy is a key element of our student-athletes development and is modeled on the USA collegiate system–where athletes pursue elite training combined with higher education.

Qualifications / Pathways

  • Diploma of Sports Development (Elite)
  • Year 2 and 3 – Bachelor of Business (Sports Management)
  • Level 1 Coaching Course – AFL accredited
  • Level 1 Umpiring Course – AFL accredited

At the Simon Black Academy, we provide our student-athletes with an education program that aligns with the elite sports philosophy. Students have the choice to train and study at the Academy for one year and complete their Diploma of Sports Development (Elite). After this they can complete their university qualification with advanced standing.

Bachelor of Business (Sports Management)

We’ve collaborated with Torrens University Australia to provide an educational experience that fully complements elite footballers, on and off the field. Year 1 of the Academy, with the completion of the Diploma of Sports Development (Elite), provides the building blocks and skills necessary to continue on with advanced standing to the Bachelor of Business (Sports Management) qualification.

This qualification gives students the opportunity to explore a career in the business of professional sport across marketing, management, facilities and event management.


Athletes will undertake a level 1 coaching accreditation.

The course has a specific focus on what motivates youth participants, social aspects of working with and managing players in this age range, specific communication skills and developing higher level skill and understanding.

Simon Black Umpiring


The AFL Level 1 Umpire Accreditation incorporates a range of competencies to help athletes gain the knowledge and skills required to adequately perform the basic tasks associated with umpiring Australian Football at community level.

The AFL Level 1 Umpire Accreditation program provides you with the opportunity to acquire knowledge related to each discipline of umpiring (field, boundary and goal).