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About Us



No ATAR required to join the Simon Black Academy.

Potential students will be assessed on an individual basis. The enrolment process consists of:

  • 1-on-1 meeting to assess personality type and athletic ability
  • Online enrolment process with our education partner
  • Review of application from our education partner

We highly encourage students to come and join us for a day at the Australian Rules Academy before they formally enrol.

Once a student has been accepted in to the program, they will be run through fitness testing to establish physical baseline and undergo a goal setting session.

  • The Simon Black Australian Rules Academy is NOT a replacement for school. Students will be studying at a University Level
  • The Simon Black Academy is for men and women who have finished secondary School.
  • Students must be 17 years old.
  • The Academy runs Monday – Thursday, 9.30am – 3pm approx.
  • The Academy requires a commitment to the 4-day a week, 10-month commitment.
  • The education aspect of the Simon Black Academy will require students to complete some study away from the Academy

The Academy adopts a holistic approach to training. This consists of skills training, game education, recovery, weights, strength training, conditioning training and sprint training as well as an elite nutrition program.

Athletes are also given personalised programs to aid recovery and preparation to help achieve personal fitness goals.

  • In our eyes, the education aspect of our program is equally as important as the football side. Each day is split 50-50 between the two pillars of the program (training and study).
  • Football doesn’t last forever! We set our athletes up to fulfil their full potential both on and off the field
  • At the end of the 3 years students graduate with a Bachelor of Business (Sports Management)
  • Students study a Diploma of Sports Development (Elite) in the first year.  The Diploma of Sports Development (Elite) is a Higher Education qualification delivered by Torrens University Australia
  • Students also complete Umpiring & Coaching Courses (AFL Level 1 Accreditation)
  • If students are eligible for FEE-HELP there is no upfront cost.
  • FEE-HELP is a loan scheme that assists eligible fee paying students to pay their tuition fees. Eligible person may borrow up to the FEE-HELP limit to pay tuition fees over their lifetime.
  • For 2017, the FEE HELP limit is $100,879 for most students. The FEE-HELP limit is indexed on 1 January each year (as measured by the CPI index). A loan fee of 25% applies to FEE-HELP loans for undergraduate courses of study only. Indexation and the loan fee do not count towards your FEE-HELP limit.
  • Students repay the loan to the Australian Government through the tax system once a student reaches the minimum income threshold level for repayment, which for 2015-16 is $54,126.
  • By choosing FEE-Help Funding students can defer the cost of the program until such a time their salary reaches $54,156 in a calendar year.
  • For more information http://www.torrens.edu.au/apply-online/fee-assistance
  • You are effectively attending university at the Simon Black Academy
  • You study under Torrens University Australia who are our education partners
  • All courses are government recognised

Yes, the Academy is designed to complement your commitments with your local clubs with the results being showcased on game day.

Coaches will make sure that athletes are not being overloaded between our program and the local club football.

Our athletes will not be lost in the crowd. There are limited places available for the Australian Rules Academy for this exact reason. Each athlete’s development is crucial to us.


The Academy football program has been developed by Simon Black in conjunction with elite AFL players.  Academy students will be exposed to the same professional, full-time training as the professional Australian Rules players.

The Academy Skills Program will focus on the following core elements:

  • Group and Individual coaching by leading AFL coaches and players, both past and present
  • Player profiling and performance monitoring
  • Dedicated focus on coaching of individual skills
  • Customised coaching for Forwards, Midfielders & Backline
  • Strategy and game knowledge
  • Practical game application sessions
  • Weekly game review sessions
  • Understanding through action what it takes to be an elite Australian Rules player
  • Dedicated Strength and Conditioning Program
  • Nutrition Program
  • Sprint Training
  • Stretching and Mindfulness Program
  • Player Welfare Management
  • Personal Development and Mentoring Program
  • Professional Presentation Skills
  • Job Preparation Skills
  • Financial Management Skills
  • Year 1 – Diploma of Sports Development (Elite) delivered by our education partner Torrens University Australia
  • At the completion of Year 3 you will graduate with a Bachelor of Business Sports Management (Elite) delivered by our education partner Torrens University Australia 
  • Level 1 Coaching Course
  • Level 1 Umpiring Course

The Simon Black Australian Rules Academy is designed to make our student-athletes job-ready upon graduation from the Academy.

Studying at the Academy gives you the opportunity to turn your passion into a career.

  • Professional/semi-professional coach
  • Professional/semi-professional umpire
  • Event management
  • Sports program coordinator
  • Sports Management
  • Sports Development Officer
  • Facility Manager
  • Strength & Conditioning Coach
  • Performance Manager

These are just some of the career opportunities that being a part of the Academy can provide you throughout the 12 months.

Work experience, guest speakers and careers counselors will also be provided to you to give you a clear career path upon graduation.

Simon Black Academy students will be enrolled and treated as students of Torrens University Australia. This means they will have access to all Torrens’ campuses around Australia.

These campuses provide access to:

  • Libraries
  • Apple Laptops and Desktops
  • Breakout and study zones
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Student services and support teams

On top of this, the Simon Black Academy is will bring in industry professionals as ‘Study Coaches’ to make sure your child isn’t left behind in the study component of the course

Nationally Recognised Courses

In addition, the Academy also offers participants the opportunity to undertake the following Nationally Recognised courses:

  • Level 1 Coaching Course
  • Level 1 Umpiring Course

Employment Opportunities during the Academy Program

  • Paid work as a Coach or Umpire
  • Introduction to Employment Partners
  • Career Pathway Support through Job Services Agency – presentations will take place over the course of the year
  • Work experience in elite sporting enviroments

The Simon Black Australian Rules Academy is designed to simulate an AFL environment while also giving you qualifications and accreditations to turn your experience and passion into a career.

  • Expert coaching
  • Simulated AFL football program
  • Elite facilities
  • Key partnerships
  • Team environment
  • Job opportunites
  • Four days a week, 9am – 3pm

Simon Black is the brain behind our elite football program. You will have the opportunity to experience the most important aspects of an AFL program. This includes: strength and conditioning, fitness testing, game sense and strategy, AFL training drills and much more.

The Academy’s education program is not like high school. You will be part of a team both on and off the field. As with a football club, all the players are in it together and you won’t be left behind during training or study. You will be provided with expert business and fitness coaches that will be with you every step of the way to make sure you are getting the most out of the program.

Torrens University Australia offers a range of career-focused undergraduate and postgraduate programs In Business, Sports Development and Sports Management for study on-campus, online or a hybrid of both. Torrens University’s campuses can be found in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane, and is led by a team of research- and career-oriented academic staff who, combined with a carefully selected group of global industry partners, help students to bridge the gap between study and work.

Torrens University Australia is part of the global Laureate International Universities network, with more than 1,000,000+ students at 70 institutions in 25 countries.

Together, the Simon Black Academy and Torrens University Australia are changing the sports-education game!